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The Best Services Provided by CCTV suppliers

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There are number of CCTV suppliers in the market. In order to choose the best supplier, the buyer has to analyze and understand the best services that are provided by the best suppliers. Some of the best CCTV services that every buyer should have access to are:

The Installation Services

The best CCTV suppliers provide the best in the class installation services. This means that the installation should not be done by a third party, which brings a sense of inconvenience to the end user. Also, the support should be provided by the supplier himself. These two services are a must for every user and will ensure that the systems are in place during every critical situation.

100% Monitoring

Along with providing a free consultation and quote for the security solution for a particular user, the CCTV suppliers will provide access control and remote monitoring from far away locations. This brings in high levels of security for the user and allows businesses and users to focus on things that they know the best.

Repair Services

The best CCTV suppliers also provide excellent repair services. Since security systems are considered key for any user and business, it is important for the systems to be continuously running. If there is a snag in the system, the CCTV suppliers will be able to repair the system as soon as possible.

A Wide Range of Cameras

The best security system suppliers always provide a wide range of cameras to their users. Some of the well-known type of cameras offered are:

  • Dome cameras – These cameras are usually dome-shaped. This type is usually seen in restaurants, retail stores, casinos, and homes.
  • PTZ cameras – This is called the Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. It can be controlled using a remote and can be directed in several directions.
  • Speed dome cameras – This versatile type of camera is highly efficient and can be easily installed on ceilings.
  • IP cameras – This type can receive and transmit signals from a computer and ensure that all the analytics are captured at the right time.
  • IR dome cameras – Called the infra-red cameras, this type of cameras capture image in low light or darkness. This helps in capturing the movements when the buildings are closed for the day.
  • Bullet cameras – A variation of the box camera this type of bullet cameras is built into a closed enclosure that is completely weatherproof. This type of camera can be used in both indoors and outdoors for surveillance.
  • C-Mount cameras – This is usually found mounted on 16mm cameras, cameras for machine vision, photo tubes in microscope, and many more.
  • Wireless IP cameras – This is a wireless variation of the IP cameras. One of the big advantages of this type of camera is that the criminal will not be able to see the wires associated with the security system.
  • Digital video recorder (DVR) – This recorder can record security footage into a USB flash drive, SSD or SD memory card. This is usually provided along with the digital set boxes.


All the services listed above are usually provided by all the CCTV suppliers. These services are considered to be the bare minimum and should be provided by every supplier. However, if these services are not provided by the suppliers, the purchaser should look for a different supplier. One more important thing to keep in mind here is that the supplier who provides all these services should not be considered the best. The purchaser should conduct enough research on the services provided by the suppliers. The more the experienced the supplier is, higher is the chance for the supplier to provide the quality services.

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