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The Evolution of Virus in the Digital World

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Computers are our friends and we need to maintain them in the best possible way. To know about computers, we definitely need to study more about them so that the right information can be acquired. One of the threats to a computer is a computer virus that can affect it in different ways. So, to protect the computer from viruses such as variancetv one needs to install good anti-virus software in their PC. A person who isn’t aware of coding would find it hard to understand the concept of a computer virus. But in simple terms, it can be said that a computer virus is just like a real virus as it has the tendency to replicate itself in a PC and then spread to other computers. So, let us see a little bit of the history of the computer virus.

  • In 1974 we can trace the first making of a virus in the form of the Rabbit virus. It had the tendency to multiply itself several times in a single PC to clog its system. This reduced the performance of the PC but it did have a point where it stopped.
  • Then, in 1975 a virus named Animal came into being which copied a program called PERVADE into the PC with the help of a series of the question asked to the user so that the computer can guess their type of animal.
  • The year 1988 saw one of the worst viruses of all times called Jerusalem. It activated only on Friday the 13th and had the ability to affect .exe and .com files and it also deleted the programs run on that day.
  • The first polymorphic virus that hit was Tequila in the year 1991. The specialty of it was to change its form so that the virus detectors would skip past it.
  • By the year 1992, there were about 1300 viruses which are a lot in the context of that time. There was the creation of something called The Dark Avenger Mutation Engine (DAME) which had the ability to change the usual viruses to polymorphic viruses. This year also saw The Virus Creation Laboratory which enabled people to make more viruses.
  • In 1995 a virus called Word Concept spread with the help of word documents.
  • In 1998 StrangeBrew was found which was the first virus to infect Java programs.
  • Melissa hit the world in 1999 and became one of the most notable viruses to be present till date. It attached to emails and sent itself to 50 other people present in one’s Outlook address.
  • The year 2000 saw the ILOVEYOU virus which spread with the help of emails.
  • In 2001, the Nimda virus attacked a few days after 9/11.
  • In the year 2003, Slammer was born which is till date the virus which spread the fastest in the world and infected about 75000 computers.
  • 2004 was the year when MyDoom was caught and it was fast than many viruses and infected several computers quite quickly.
  • In 2010, the Stuxnet virus came into being which corrupted the industrial software of Siemens and held the ability to cause harm to industrial equipment.
  • In 2013, Flame was a virus which had the ability to record one’s communication on Skype.

So, here lies a brief evolution of computer viruses. Government is always tailing them so that they can put an end to their mischief. We as people can only soar to keep our computers healthy. There is also the craze of online multiplayer games is increasing for games like PUBG PC.

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