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The Popular Video Downloading Apps in The Market on Android Platform

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You might intend to download a video that you have just observed. The official app of YouTube is not feasible as you might not come across the YouTube downloader on the play store. But still there are numerous third party apps that compensates for YouTube. It is by default that Android goes on to block installation of apps that are not on Google store. But you need to allow installation of app from other sources, and for that you have to proceed to settings, tap on security and allow installation from unknown sources. Let us now flip through the popular downloading apps on the Android platform

Tube Mate

This is an excellent third party downloading app. The interface is elegant that is easy to use, and videos can be downloaded from multiple sites. With the help of an in built browser you can access the site that you want and from this site you can download the video. Before downloading any video this app allows you to choose the quality and format of the video. Any video that is downloaded is automatically saved on to your mobile phone. The only drawback with this app is that you have to face a lot of ads during downloading


It is one of the popular video downloading apps in the market. As compared to other video downloaders the speed is fast and from around 27 sites you can download videos. The user interface is very easy and HD videos to the tune of 4 k resolution can be downloaded. Even downloadable YouTube videos can be downloaded without the aid of an external plug in. The best part about this app is that it is entirely free and there are no purchases or malware. To remove the ads you can opt for the premium version


Vidmate apps stand at the top of the charts and the downloading speed is credited for the turnover. Opt for the new version of this app as it secures your device from the harsh malware files and videos can be surfed from nearly 100 channels. This app promises to provide a new dimension to your steaming experience. As compared to the other apps in the market the downloading speed is 200 % more. The maximum capacity of your internet connection is put to use and within this app the facility of live steaming video is also provided.


This is one of the trustworthy video downloading apps on the Android platform. Embroiled by popular sites the interface is user friendly and from the search bar you can undertake a search on YouTube directly. Being a fast downloader you can decide the quality of the video before you download any video. Even within the app or on social platforms you can share the videos. On to your device storage the videos are automatically stored. It is possible to split the files into audio and video categories. Just you need to figure out the quality of downloading and then press download.

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