Tips for Maintenance of Commercial Refrigerators

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Commercial refrigeration is the term for protecting the food items from getting spoiled due to bacterial attacks. The food items are cooled down to a temperature unfavorable for the survival of bacteria. The equipment and appliances for storage of food in the cold temperatures below 4 degree Celsius are called commercial refrigerators.

The commercial refrigerators are expensive than the fridges we use at home, and they need more maintenance due to heavy usage. If not maintained properly, the refrigerators may lead to poor performance and need replacement sooner than their life cycle.

The regular maintenance is essential for best performance and long life of commercial refrigerators. This post shares some tips for maintenance of commercial refrigerators.

Regular Cleaning

Like the residential refrigerators, the commercial units need regular cleaning. To clean a fridge, you need to remove all the food items and transfer them to a temporary cooler or another unit. Use a soft brush and warm water or vinegar solution for cleaning the shelves.

If there are any removable shelves or drawers, soak them for a few minutes in a soap solution. Clean them with a soft scrubber and rinse thoroughly before putting them back in the unit.

Clean the condenser coil

The fridge manufacturers recommend cleaning the condenser coil every three months, and some also offer the cleaning tips in their manuals. If not cleaned regularly, the temperature of the cabinet may rise of fall leading to improper cooling. The coil is usually near the condenser of the refrigerator that attracts dust with time and needs cleaning. 

To clean the condenser coil, you need to disconnect the unit from the power socket and use a stiff brush to clean the dirt and dust. You can use a reliable vacuum cleaner or air blower to clean the remaining dust or any sticky particles.

If the surface of the coil is sticky, you can clean it using a degreaser. Read the manual for the cleaning tips and the recommended products.

Evaporator Coil

An evaporator coil is another vital component of your refrigeration unit that needs cleaning. It is located near the evaporator fan of the unit and absorbs the heat as the hot air passes through the system. The evaporator coil helps in cooling the interior or the refrigerator where you put the food items.

You also need to clean the area surrounding the coil. You can clean the evaporator coil with a soft brush but avoid cramming with a lot of items. Cleaning the coil allows the free flow of air that prevents the coil from freezing and variations in the cabinet temperature.

Cover the display cases

If you have a refrigerator with display cases in your shop or store, it is essential to cover the same when not in use. The display case should only be opened when a customer demands an item. Keeping the display open unnecessarily can lead to more usage of power as the unit needs to run at full capacity to maintain the cooling.

Covering the display with night covers do not require the unit to run at its peak levels that save energy. It also protects the display area from dirt and dust.

Clean the Air filters

The air filter of the refrigeration unit is responsible for the filtration of air and maintenance of clean and odour free air in the unit. The filters often get clogged with the dust and dirt and their efficiency decreases due to blockage. 

You can clean them with a powerful vacuum cleaner or air blower and use a degreaser if there is a sticky build up on the filter. Read the instructions in your manual to clean and degrease your filter properly.

The drain pan

The drain pan of a refrigerator is the container that collects the water or ice when the fridge stays in OFF position for more than two hours. The drain pan attracts dist and pests if not cleaned regularly.

The drain pan is easy to remove, and you can use a vinegar solution to clean it thoroughly. You can also use a soap and warm water for cleaning of the drain pan. A clean drain pan helps the unit to collect the water and keep the environment free from odour.

Maintenance of your refrigerator

Many parts in a fridge need regular cleaning and maintenance. In case of any problem regarding the working like inadequate cooling or excessive warming of the unit consult a professional. You can call a technician from a service like commercial fridge repairs Ipswich to visit your place and fix the problems.

Final words

The cleaning and maintenance of commercial refrigeration units are essential for adequate cooking and efficiency. Maintaining the refrigerators regularly, helps the owners to run them as long as required and keep the food items fresh all the time.

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