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Top 5 Traditional Ayurvedic Food in India

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One of the oldest form of healing and holistic health is Ayurveda. Some claim that this form of using food as medicine is more than 5000 years old. Many claims that it has roots in mythologies and religious scriptures. Ayurveda was a heritage knowledge passed on from fathers to the first-born son. Although, today there are many knock-off versions of Ayurveda healing in north India, it is the right place to experience the exclusive authentic treatment. The cuisine of the land is also infused with the Ayurveda. Here are the top five traditional Ayurveda foods of the country.

Idli – South India

Idli is tagged as the world’s healthiest breakfast, according to WHO. It is made from fermented batter of rice and black gram, which is steam cooked. This rice cake has been in the cuisine since 14th century.

This food product gives natural microflora required for digestion and required daily protein. Idli is easily digestible and can be consumed by anyone from the age of eight months.

Ambali – Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Ambali is semi-liquid dish made with millets. The fermented finger millet batter is cooked into a porridge style dish. The fermented finger millet is rich in tryptophan, thiamin and riboflavin.

It also increases the probiotic bacteria in the body (good bacteria, which aids in digestion). Finger millet is rich in calcium and has an endothermic effect. Thus, ambali is usually not preferred during winter or summer season.

Enduri Pitha – Odisha

This is a flavored cake made from fermented batter of black gram and para-boiled rice, cooked in turmeric leaf. The leaf filled with batter is cooked in steam.

This dish is rich in cysteine, methionine and the turmeric leaves helps in increasing immunity. Along with the batter, coconut, sugar and curd are added to it. It also increase microflora in your gut, leading to easy digestion.

Dhokla – Gujarat

This dish is made similar to idli of South India, but made from a batter made of Bengal gram and rice. This fermented batter is rich in lactic acid bacteria. The antioxidant value of this dish helps in controlling hyperglycemia and other diseases caused by oxidative stress. This is one of the best dishes for diabetic patients. Yeast is used in the making, which give folic acid to your body.

Hawaijar – Manipur

This dish is made with soybean, which is fermented. This non-salted dish is a very famous source of protein for the locals. The fermentation process creates Bacillus spp. Bacteria, which is good for the body. During preparation, banana leaves, bamboo baskets and fig leaves are used, which gives a nice flavor and a load of nutrients. This dish is 25% soluble protein. The dish can be consumed by children older than ten years.

Apart from these, other common Ayurveda dishes in the country are Selroti of Sikkim, banana stem dish of South India, jackfruit seed chutney of Kerala, Monkeyjack tortillas of Western Ghats regions and so on. If you ask the locals about Ayurveda dishes, they might not know. Just ask for their traditional dishes and you would be served with the dishes, which are handpicked by Ayurveda for several centuries.

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