Online Assessment Software in 2019!

Top 7 Best Online Assessment Software in 2019!

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Online testing software is mainly used in educational or corporate setting to create and administer tests. Online tests are administered through digital platforms and are designed to be taken on digital devices. Once the assessments are completed, they are automatically scored and graded. They are considered as best alternate option to eradicate the paper-and-pencil assessments which are not that efficient.

Online based assessments have many benefits in comparison to paper-based test. Online testing software is highly effective and provides immediate feedbacks. In case of high stake exams or certification exams, online assessments are the most reliable source powered by innovative concept and advanced technologies. But ultimate perfection lies in the type of test platform that plays an important part in ensuring the efficiency of the procedure. To qualify as the best online assessment software, it should have following attributes:

• Designed to render its best
• Include all the advanced features
• Be able to administer all types of digital tests and assessments

Below mentioned is a list of top 7 best online assessment software of 2019 that have all these attributes + few extra benefits that make them outstand from a huge lot.

  1.   Think Exam

Think Exam is online testing software, powered by Ginger Webs Pvt. Ltd. It has been developed with an aim to strive for excellence, with the proficiency of driving assessments in the educational domain. Their priority is to deliver quality to their customers and to provide online exam portal that is free from manual efforts.

The advanced hassle free interface of Think Exam provides a synchronized management of tests and assessments. This feature enriched software helps in maintaining a streamlined flow of process by easy creation of test and calculation of scores. It acts as an improved medium of communication between the assessor and the assesse. Another attribute to this software is the monetize feature through which you can publish your tests for purchase and generate revenue. Multiple payment gateways have been incorporated with this platform in order to maintain secure transfer of information.

2. Mettl

Mettl is a highly innovative smart assessment tool that is used by amazon, sap and many other recognized organizations as well as institutions. Its feature rich platform and customer centric approach makes it outshine in comparison to other online testing software. The main attraction of Mettl’s online testing platform is all its advance features that are top class and makes this platform a must use.

3. Proprofs

Proprofs provide smart assessment tools with good support features that makes, creating assessment, a very easy task. Their main motto is that people should feel delighted when they use proprofs. Their highly scientific approach doesn’t make them devoid of the fact that online assessment is more than just science, they believe that it is an art to make people happy. They carefully design each screen and write each sentence so as to create software that is simple and effective to use.

4. Classmarker

Classmarker is a secure and easy to use web-based quiz maker that provides customizable online exam portal for business, training, and educational assessments and tests. Their feature to grade quizzes instantly saves you a lot of manual procedure and hours of paper work.

5. Conduct Exam

Conduct Exam is online exam software which has been developed by R K Infotech and provides a robust platform to conduct online assessments. They provide their impeccable and innovative solutions to various educational institutions, colleges, universities, and also many leading corporate entities. The reliability and efficiency of this software is at par with highly interactive and creative user interface.

6. Online Exam Builder

By using an online exam builder, interactive online assessment software, you can create your very own engaging exams that can be made according to different difficulty levels. Build and develop online exams for your students or job candidates without any hassle. Their customer support is credible and helps a lot if you at all have anything to ask.

7. Eklavvya

Eklavvya is an award winning inline assessment tool that serves clients across different domains such as training institutes, educational industry, corporates and universities. They provide complete online assessment solutions with perfect accuracy and efficiency. Conduct secure online assessments with multi language feature and systematic analysis. It is definitely one of the best choices to create enhanced online quiz and assessments.

So this is where our list ends for Top 7 best online assessment software in 2019.

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