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Top 7 SEO Tips To Promote Your Website | SEO 2019

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The main advantage of SEO is to get a steady stream of free traffic on your website. Practicing SEO to help you easily rank your site on the search engine top page Search alone. Google is searching for 7 million results per second.

If you have not done proper SEO, you do not include thousands of opportunities in the form of customers. Who want to read your blog or purchase your product / service.

Practice SEO can help you improve the page rank of your website to ensure that it is easily found by thousands of customers searching for a few specific keywords.

The ranking of your site can be made possible mainly by doing some simple editing on the web page, posting, and images, content. Just like a customer operating a commercial or retail store You need a good place with steady flow, sound customer relationships, your website needs to be ranked on the Google search engine front page to get a potential flow of traffic. Here I “ Ahtesham Nazir ” mention on 7 SEO Tips and Tricks, Very effective to boost your rankings and sales.

1. Thoroughly have keyword research:

For beginners without doing any proper research into a plan, they make major mistakes in the field of targeting SEO. They target low running keywords and outside their niche topics.

A good study with keywords saves a lot of time in ranking. It is essential to the success of your website in order to identify the most popular keywords associated with your website.

First, depending on the product, you just need to categorize the product into your business like e-commerce store and set keywords. Do a better survey like below,

‘Who is the target market? This is the keyword people use most often to search your product on the internet?’

Include location-based information for location-based businesses. Assuming that you are running a restaurant in Islamabad, your page needs to target keywords such as “Best Restaurants in Islamabad” there is.

Always takes a low competition keyword long tail .LIKE “Buy leather shoes online and 50 Pimento discounts will be a better job than buying shoes online”.

2.  Quality Content:

Good content will win over quantity content it’s better to post a single rich content per week instead of posting 4 to 5 thin content. Search engine robots cannot load image files, Video content and animations, they can only read text.

Search engines are getting cleverly by day to various changes made in the algorithm caused by . . . .you copy content others, and certainly by content spin and the fall of rank of your site Unique Content with Panda Update Rich Text is a must if you receive The age of thin duplicate content is over

Unique good and content bold internal links go well and good content gives you good backlinks from other site owners and good links will increase your rank. The size of the content should be at least If words and it is better , avoid spelling and grammar errors images, , italics, underline, . . 500 1500- 2000 words. 

3.  Quality backlink :

If your site is not ranked after much effort, this tip will help you. On recent updates due to the victory of the quality of the major search engines that exceed the quantity. Use automation software, which you use to get links to your site, link networks boost their rankings.

Thousands of poor quality links were not a problem. But these days have disappeared. . Please do not use any automated software, such as hiring a man from Fiverr in order to give the thousands of back links to your site, or tricky link of construction technology. This is to become a disadvantage, you can ban your site from search engines.

Single quality links from good PR sites win hundreds of low quality links from low PR sites. So the problem arises how you get links from sites of authority with better PR 5. Do a guest blog on a good authority site.

4.  Avoid the black hat technique:

Some people soon use black hat techniques to rank their sites. This can work for short-term profit, you have long-term goals and business if you want to do, and you should avoid this technique.

Do not use keyword stuffing. .Practices that target pages with unusual amounts of keyword stuffing related or unrelated keywords

As the user is entering a query “concept of human resource management” but he is using keyword stuffing technology that is getting website results related to “web design in HTML”, this is you assuming that you can easily identify.

Black hatters do this technique to fool audiences or brand their sites You can easily drive more traffic in a few short periods of time, search engine You may notice after some time and then drop your rank and in some cases you will then ban . .

5.  Never use cloaking 

Cloaking is a favorite technique of practice by the number of black hatters in this technology, they use automated software to allow users to navigate through different pages .This is for displaying advertisements mainly used for.

Use fresh updates and interactive content:

Create regular posts on your blog and update old content .Search engines always deliver the latest best quality and relevant information to people.

How can you expect a good ranking if you are running a news site and have not updated the latest topics? Making Regular Posts Makes Fresh Up To Your Blog Day.

Good Interactive Content can engage your visitors for a long period of time .If it contains interactive content, visitors will not hesitate to visit your site again and again.

You can grow user experience by adding annotations, chat, discussion forums, Post a product review, Add social sharing buttons and eye-catching images. The best example of interactive content is Amazon’s user review .If the user visits the review again and again before purchasing the product.

6.  Check competitors :

Always keep your eyes open for your competitors who are ranked high on the keyword you are targeting- how can you beat them without analyzing the competition. ?

First, perform a detailed analysis of their website. Content web page. There are many free tools available to check competitors. But these are limited features.

If you are serious about doing great SEO, I would recommend you take Insurance 1 but .as a learner, you will enjoy the free features easily. PA, for, keyword Density site. SEOmoz and SEO Tools like Earthquake provide an excellent platform to analyze Internal links to your competitors outside and you can build your site so easily that you can outweigh them Can create a strategy to

7.  Learn to fight the algorithm :

I changed the face of. 2008, I used to create a backlink using automation software. The site is more back than it was used to rank even the content 100-200 keyword density words could be ranked at the top position. Algorithm SEO when I started learning with SEO

If you enter the top keyword 4 parts that will be used to glue the same content to 4 to 5. However, the algorithm has been completely different from SEO. If you create content that you referenced 5-6 website, you can hit your site like Penguin Update.

So always stay on alert to see new updates and algorithms published by Google and stay updated. As you can learn more about updates and take preventive action in response to updates.


The more you practice SEO the more you become an expert on it. As a result, it requires a lot of patience giving you a lot of traffic to your website. Only read does not work. Be the best and do real time work. 

All my SEO techniques definitely adhere to industry standards. Me as SEO Specialist in Rawalpindi with years of useful experience and in deepness understanding of the latest SEO trends Pakistan. These are just some of the things that set Traffic apart from other SEO companies in all over the Pakistan.

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