What is page 404?

What is The Page 404? Importance of Page 404.

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What is a 404 page?

The 404 page refers to the page returned by the user when the user browses the webpage, when the server cannot provide the information normally, or the server cannot respond, and does not know the reason. Simply put, the 404 page refers to the link that can be accessed normally. When the user accesses the link, the server will return the error page of the 404 state.  

Purpose of 404

The purpose of the 404 page is to tell the viewer that the requested page does not exist or the link is incorrect, and to guide the user to use the other pages of the site instead of closing the window to leave.

Source of 404

Of course, this is not completely accurate and can be used as an anecdote to understand. It is said that before the third scientific and technological revolution, the form of the Internet was a large central database, which was set up in Room 404. At that time all requests were manually done manually. If the file required by the requester was not found in the database, or because the requester wrote the wrong file number, the user would get a return message: room 404: file not found. Therefore, after all the information that cannot be queried later, Internet companies use 404 pages instead.

The role of the 404 page

The 404 page is a must-have page for the website. The setting of the 404 page is a detail that cannot be ignored in the SEO optimization of the website. It carries the heavy responsibility of user experience and SEO optimization, and plays a very important role in the access experience of the website.

Specific usage:

1. Avoid dead links

After the website sets up a 404 page, if the website has a dead link, the search engine spider crawls such a URL to get a “404” status response, that is, knowing that the URL has expired, the web page is no longer indexed, and the data center is fed back to the data center to indicate the URL. The web page is removed from the index database. Avoid website inclusion due to dead links.

2. Improve user experience

When a viewer accesses a page that does not exist due to a misspelled link or other reason, and the user does not have an error message, the viewer may not know what the problem is, and may not be able to open it. It may be a domain name input error or other the reason? This situation gives the viewer a first impression that is very bad, reducing the viewer’s trust in the site, which greatly increases the bounce rate. In this case, adding a 404 page can prompt the viewer to improve the user experience.

3: Avoid being punished

Some websites use a wrong server configuration, which results in a 200 status code or a 302 status code. Although these status codes have no effect on the users accessing the website, they mislead the search engine and cause the search engine to think that the page is A valid page to grab it down. If there are too many 404 pages, it will cause a lot of duplicate pages, which is likely to be punished by the search engine for cheating.

404 page impact on SEO

The search engine uses the HTTP status code to identify the status of the web page. When the search engine gets an error link, the site should return a 404 status code telling the search engine to abandon the index on the link. If a 200 or 302 status code is returned, the search engine will index the link, which results in a large number of different links pointing to the same web content. This will greatly reduce the trust of search engines on the site. According to SEO Consultant in Rawalpindi this problem exists in many websites: the 404 page returns a 200 or 302 status code instead of a 404 status code. Therefore, the website must have 404 pages, otherwise it will be considered by the search engine to be a large number of duplicate pages, thus affecting the SEO effect. A serious 404 setting error will be reduced by the search engine, and the website will be dropped.

But you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Do not directly redirect 404 errors to the homepage of the website, which may result in the homepage not being included;

2. Do not bring the primary domain name in front of /Error.html, otherwise the status code returned is 302 or 200 status code;

3, 404 page design needs to conform to the style of the site itself, plus site navigation and bottom (especially site map).

404 public welfare

With the development of the current network, 404 is not only a tool to improve the page, but now many websites have undertaken a social responsibility, using 404 to do charity activities! Improve the role of the network. Baidu took the lead in it and launched an activity called “Baidu Positive Energy’s Pro-Action”, which displayed the 404 page of the web search as information about 24 children who had been rescued and helped them find their parents. According to SEO Specialist in Rawalpindi the 404 page is a prompt page generated when the page requested by the user does not exist, the link is incorrect, or is aggressive. Baidu’s move is equivalent to launching a huge public interest tracing platform. Have a positive positive effect on society!

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