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What Makes Hakko Soldering Stations the Best?


High power backup, least surface area, comprehensive variety, prompt after sales and service support, and the legacy and reputation of the firm Hakko make its soldering stations one of the best and most reliable.

The ISO-certified soldering equipment company Hakko was established way back in 1952, and since then the company enjoys an enviable reputation in the soldering equipment market segment. The company strictly adheres to the QEMS (Quality and Environmental Management System) protocol and has a reliable legacy and reputation that surpasses the competition and sets the benchmarks.

When it comes to soldering stations, it is important that the work is in line with the quality standards, has the least faults, and the power is sufficient to handle large work volumes. Surface area occupied by the soldering stations, the power consumed reliability. and other factors are also important and the Hakko soldering and desoldering station prove to be best in all respects.

Best Power Output

Hakko knows important it is for manufacturers to have soldering and desoldering stations of higher power and wattage capacity so as to improve their production figures and to take advantage of the specifications of the soldering station. That is why each new and subsequent model of Hakko soldering station has more power than its predecessor, which in some cases may go beyond 30%. The Hakko stations also heat up fast while consuming the least of heat. The operators can work for many more hours on the stations, accomplish jobs in the least of time, and can take on all kinds of project works easily.

Using Lesser Desk Space

The durable yet compact built of the Hakko soldering and desoldering stations are also quite alluring for the manufacturers and the operators. A Hakko soldering station may have up to 35% less surface area and occupy the least of desk space when compared to their counterparts. These soldering stations are also quite handy and can be transferred and replaced easily.

Laden With Features

Hakko is known for bringing in the best and newest of technologies to the soldering operators and manufacturing industries. The pioneer company brings to the user’s features like use of ceramics for fast heat up, temperature control settings and knob, accurate displays, high thermal recovery, and much more at a more affordable cost. New technologies like saving of settings, password storage, and ESD or Electrostatic Discharge Safety are some other remarkable features of the elite soldering stations offered by the firm. The company also has many of its own new and proprietary technologies (like the Smart Assist technology where no calibration is required). No other soldering station manufacturer can provide to you such a broad range of features at a marginal cost.

Comprehensive Variety

No matter what kind of soldering, desoldering, or rework manufacturing job and task you want to accomplish, Hakko has the most sophisticated, advanced, and reliable machines and soldering stations for it. The one-stop destination of all kinds of soldering equipment offers the new BGA rework stations, soldering stations, soldering iron, soldering pots, smoke absorbers, rework stations, soldering accessories and other kinds of product that are highly useful for the industries and manufacturers.

After Sales And Support

One of the other important qualities of the leading soldering station manufacturer of the world is an efficient and customer friendly after-sales and support service. The company takes care of its customers even after the sales and resolves all kinds of queries, problems, and issues in almost no time. Because of these qualities and customer orientation, the company is one of the most preferred soldering equipment manufacturers that the other industries want to partner with for a long time period.

Hakko soldering stations are sold across the world and in India as well, at a reasonable soldering station price. Leading suppliers provide you with the world-class soldering tools and have the comprehensive Hakko machine variety described in detail, and offered online on the web as well.

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