Deodorant vs Perfume

Which Is Best Between Deodorant And Perfume?

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The battle between the perfume and deodorant is never-ending. Although perfume came first into existing, deodorant has managed to sweep the users off their floor with its performance. There are several reasons behind one being so popular while others maintaining its own small community of users. However, a common person always wonders between the two while making the purchase thinking which is worth buying and will be able to give him or her desired results. We are here to explain this age-old battle between the two giants of the fragrance world to you.

The Basic Difference Between The Two:

There is a major difference between the two, which sets them apart from each other. One has a higher fragrance essence concentration and a base of alcohol, while the other has the least fragrance essence concentration and a base of gasses along with fillers. Perfumes were created first by master perfumers using natural ingredients to give users a delighted fragrance experience. On the other hand, women and men deodorant came into being to give people with fast pace life something in their budget. Perfumes are not created on a mass basis and each bottle takes in a lot of consideration, checking and safety measures throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. For deodorants, they are mass produced on a large scale to fulfil the increasing demand.

Each Has its Own Use:

A large number of people think that both deodorant and perfume has the same use, well you need to reconsider this. Perfumes are used for fragrance and nothing else. It will just make you smell amazing for long hours. However, deodorants are much more than just good fragrances. They are filled with antiperspirant agents that help you in controlling sweating. Moreover, body sprays for men and women also help in eradicating body odour, which doesn’t happen with perfume. Perfumes are suitable for special occasions and everyday use in certain places. However, if you are looking for more activity and sports-friendly fragrance, deodorant is your pick.

Which is better? Depends on your budget and use:

Each has its plus and minus which can make it best or worst for certain users. Perfumes are quite expensive but they do give amazing fragrance lasting for hours. If you are someone who loves to smell good and do not have to worry about sweat odour or do not indulge in gym or such lifestyle, perfume is suitable for you. They are a bit expensive, but you can always find the best perfumes online at discounted prices or try out the tester size shot for the experience. What makes them best is the unique fragrances and the feel of using something luxurious. They are not easy to carry around unless you invest in tester shots or miniature perfumes.

On the other hand, deodorants are quite affordable being mass produced. You can buy 3-4 good deodorants at the price of one perfume making it a good deal for someone with a limited budget. If you are worried about your sweat problem or face sweat odour every day, deodorants are the best for you. Choose deodorants with good fragrance and antiperspirant agents such as talc and spray them on your body from a distance.

Moreover, they are quite easy to carry around, without worrying about breaking the bottle making it a perfect pick for someone always on the go. There are very limited brands providing good deodorants in India, however, you can always buy online to get international deodorant brands. Several online perfume websites are providing international deodorant brands at budget prices and in combo packs.

We hope, after going through all this, you could be able to make the wise decision and choose the best fragrance for you. No matter which one you choose, order them online on trusted perfume stores.

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