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Why Are Negative Lons Important & How Does EMF Protection Bracelets Help?

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The first thing that strikes us when we speak of ‘negative’ is something that gives us a sign of great evil or something that does not give positive vibes. However, when one talks about bracelets for radiation protection which uses negative ions, we’re actually talking positively. The strange thing about Negative and positive ions is that they possess characteristics opposing their names.

A continual effort is being made for scientific advancement with the discovery of EMF Protection Bracelets and other similar products which are now easily available. Negative ions are abundantly found in Nature. Negative ions are also termed as ‘anions’. What negative ions due to humans are that they undo negativity and makes one feel cheerful and re-energized.

One can experience this positivity would always, in the presence of nature, from mountains to waterfalls to beaches and more. These ions are side-effects of the ionization on water, sunlight, air, and from the natural radiation emitted from Earth.

But what if a person is not close to nature? Does he not deserve the positive effects of negative ions? The answer is “yes he does!” but then one could question, “How?” The answer to this lies in Radiation bracelets.

What is A Radiation Defense Bracelet?

Radiation protection or safety bracelets are also known as balance bracelets; is worn on the wrist which helps with the generation of negative ions that are absorbed by the circulatory system. These bracelets are made up of such materials as may be ion generating. Most of the times the bracelets are made of silicon combined with tourmaline or germanium in powdered form.

The usual minerals used in making EMF safeguard Bracelets after the tourmaline are germanium or zeolite or even titanium which are considered to be minerals that can generate ions. Commonly black tourmaline has been documented to be the most prevailing among the above-mentioned minerals.

How helpful is an EMF Protection Wristlet?

On having tested ion wristlets, pressed touching it to a meter measuring negative ions, reveal ionic action. The maximum ionic activity that has been seen as reading is 4,421 negative ions. Several people report optimistic effects after they start wearing the bracelet (as have been seen on numerous popular forums as well as health sites).

Many also point out that those criticizing negative ion bracelets have never actually tried wearing them and they may work in ways that are not yet fully understood. Negative ions can be used as removers of depression. These neutralize with the positive ions which create weakness and tiresomeness in a person.

They, thus, work as anti-depressants. With the absorption of these ions, a person usually ends up in elevated spirits. Anti-radiation bracelets thus, easily produce these ions and help in revitalizing the user by fighting the positive ions and their negative effects.


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