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Why Choose Stellar Data Recovery Software for Recovering your Important Stuff


Accidentally a drive is formatted while installing Windows on system and data on the hard drive is deleted. At this point, the only concern is Windows drive data recovery.

Alternatively, this…

User is using computer, suddenly the power fluctuation occurs and system gets shut down and does not open again. The next thing in mind of user is the fear of losing important data.

Accidental data loss or due to any other technical issues such as software corruption, file corruption, boot-up process issues, virus, malware and Trojan attacks, hard drive damage etc., can happen with anybody.

Data is indispensable part of your personal and professional functioning in daily life. A data loss is a loss of valuable information and memories that are stored in forms of photos, videos etc. A both revenue and valuable time loss was devoted to collate it over the months and years. One cannot afford to lose data in today’s time. It is also true complete data safety cannot be guaranteed by anyone, however precautious one is.

To be on positive note, as the saying goes there is a solution for every problem. The Data Recovery Software comes as a rescue for those who lost valuable data and now look for getting it back from computer’s hard drive or any external storage device.

Windows Data Recovery Software products in the market

Today there are many Windows Data Recovery Software products available in the market – both free and paid versions, promising guaranteed complete data recovery solutions. It is highly recommended, in such an untoward scenario of data loss when user needs to recover data completely and safely, the best way is to seek an expert Data Recovery Software solution.

Mostly users tend to go for free versions, or think a low cost software can also meet their needs. However, here is a line of caution – always know that the free versions have a big limitation in terms of types of files they recover and amount of data that can be recovered. Though cost being a factor, never buy a data recovery software just based on its low cost. Always asses, if it features meet requirements and more importantly if it is safe and secure for the system.

So the question arises which is the best one among the plethora of data recovery products available. To ease the task, let’s view why experts worldwide recommend Stellar Data Recovery – Standard product for regaining lost data from computers, laptops, pen drives, memory cards, mobile phones etc.

Why experts recommend Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

Stellar Windows Data Recovery software is extremely viable when you have lost data due to sabotage, virus attack, software malfunction, or read write error. Compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8.1, 8, & XP, it is a powerful software with numerous compelling features.

Before selecting any data recovery software, do not just look for reviews/testimonials (as they can also be created!). Ensure its credibility and functionality meets the requirement.

For instance, some Windows Data recovery software have a data limit say upto 1GB or so on to extract lost data while some advanced ones like Stellar Windows Data Recovery product can recover unlimited data.

Let’s look at more of the gripping features of the Stellar Data Recovery – Standard for Windows.

Recover almost all types of lost and deleted files

Stellar Data Recovery Standard can recover over 300 types of files – Office documents, emails, spreadsheets, videos, photos, presentations, audio files etc. from internal and external hard drives or any external storage device. User can also add his/her own file type too.

Advanced file search for faster process

The Stellar Windows Data Recovery supports search of specific type of files in a logical drive or specific folder. The enhanced search enables search for the deleted files by name/type in a specific folder from a logical drive. User can also check the deleted files, existing files or look for specific folders in logical drive.

Two-level scan option for better results

The two level scan provision – Quick and Deep Scan, is designed to provide better results to the users. Although Quick Scan is most of the time sufficient enough for Windows drive data recovery, a Deep Scan can recover lost data from a formatted or corrupt storage. The software automatically switches to Deep Scan from Quick Scan, if it is not able to find the data. The Deep Scan is little slower than the Quick Scan.

Tabbed view of scanned Tree for ease of sorting lost data

To enable easy sorting of lost data, Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software provides the tabbed view of Filtered Tree on the left pane – File Type / Tree View / Deleted List, along with the preview of files on the right side.

Recover data from all types of Solid State Drive (SSD)

With Stellar Data Recovery Software, Windows drive data recovery can be done from all types of Solid State Drive (SSD) including flash and RAM-based. The software can efficiently scan high-capacity enterprise class hard drives of over 2 TB of storage space at once.

Recover data from corrupt hard disk, removable media

The Stellar data recovery software can easily recover files from corrupt hard disks, pen drives, or SD cards, memory cards of mobile phones or camera.

Just connect the external storage to the system and as the device is recognised, the software will display the external drive. Users have to select and scan the drive for Windows drive data recovery. Users can get the preview of all recoverable files and an option of ‘Recover deleted files’ whereby deleted files from external storage can be recovered.

Recover an entire deleted volume from the system

User can always recover data from a deleted volume using the ‘Can’t Find Drive’ feature of Stellar Data Recovery Standard.

100% Safe and secure

Stellar Windows Data Recovery  Software provides 100% safe and secure downloads, free from any type of virus intrusion. No wonder it is trusted by over millions of users around the world for Windows drive data recovery.

User-friendly data recovery software

The user-friendly process from installation to scanning and recovery makes Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software at edge from others.

Below is simple Stellar Data recovery Standard process step-by-step:

Stellar Technical support

Although easy to use software, Stellar Technical Support professionals are always available on call or online to guide and provide solutions for all queries related to Stellar Windows drive data recovery.


Stellar Data Recovery– Standard is a most widely used product for Windows drive data recovery. The best way to gauge the performance of this Windows data recovery software is to first go for its trial version.

Download here Stellar Data Recovery software, where user can even ‘preview’ the lost files and decide if want the same to be recovered. Next, can save the files at desired location after buying the software.

So why wait, just get back the lost data through Stellar Windows Data Recovery software and be relaxed!

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