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Why Hong Kong Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination


The city of Hong Kong is one of the topmost lavish cosmopolitans in the world. The city is made an ideal tourist hub with inclusion of theme parks and dashing shopping markets. Most of these markets are known to exhibit the latest models of electronic gadgets. The city has thus become an adored electronic fulcrum. Lot of tour maniacs from the Indian Metropolitan cities assembles every year to grab Hong Kong tour packages. A considerable portion of these people go to spend romantic moments with their loved ones.

Why the place is pragmatic for honeymooners

The city can take pride for the presence of iconic skyscrapers. The skyline of the city puts stunning effect on the mind of the visitors. The streets have also been made vibrant with the presence of attractive glow sign. With the presence of various financial hubs, ecstatic architectural constructions, resounding places of shopping, the place can easily be granted for romantic people.

The natural wonders and the protected wildlife have been helpful in enhancing the potential of the city as a model venue for spending romantic moments.

The package for honeymooners

The various tour operators from across the country provide Hong Kong honeymoon packages. The package offers the participants with opportunities to visit the best watchable venues there. The trips would never fail the chances to watch the natural wonders too. There are various natural sites that rejuvenate the mind. These include the Disneyland and the Ocean Park. Best kind of foods is arranged for the honeymooning couples. The city is known as one of the top culinary capitals. Therefore, arranging the best cuisines should not become an issue.

The climate of the city remains quite pleasant throughout the year. The tours are normally arranged twice in a year, i.e. In March-April or October – December. It is said that the winter is the best season for honeymooning there when the level of mercury stays between 15 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Suggested activities for the Honeymooners

The honeymooning couples are promised with some designated activities that would add spices to their feels. Some of the suggested activities are:

  • Visit to the Victoria Peak: The venue is the highest point of the city. It is considered as the biggest attraction of Hong Kong. The excellent view of the soft green mountains is simply enthralling. To this, the addition of scenic views of the Central Kowloon across the Victoria Harbor will leave the visitors awe-struck.
  • Ferry Ride: This is one of the demanding activities for couples having fond for thrills. The ride is conducted between Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon and Hong Kong. The riders will be able to enjoy the beguiling views of the skyscrapers, mountains, and the Kowloon Skylines. These trips are normally arranged during night time in order to enhance the dramatic feature.
  • Soho Night Expedition:The tour to Hong Kong seems incomplete if the experience of the nightlife stays unattained. The city is known for hosting the best kind of nightclubs. The best one is the Soho Bar that caters the visitors with best kind of whisky and cocktail drinks. The place is also known for the beautiful internal decoration tantalized with soft lights and traditional furniture.

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