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Why Traditional Indian Wedding Cards Are Preferred Over e – invitations

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Indian weddings starts with the distribution of invitation cards. Invitation cards are means by which a person invites their relatives and friends to come and become part of the wedding.

Now when we are in 21st century and we have many advance options which are fast and environment friendly and less costly options for invitation i.e. e – invitation. e – invitation is the fastest way of invitation and is even more efficient than the traditional cards system. Even when we have better option then the traditional cards system then also every year a large amount of money spent on the traditional cards. This is not due to that people are not aware about this , the reason behind that is the old rituals.

Like from the early ages there is ritual of distributing invitation cards for occasion of wedding and till now people are following the same tradition. There are a lot of reasons for this lets have a look over these reasons one by one : –

  1. Like before every wedding there is a small function in which we offer wedding cards to Lord Ganesha and then to family Lord for inviting them to wedding . This is believe by people that by doing this their will be no problem in marriage and all marriage function will held happily. This is one of the biggest reason that Indians still preferred traditional wedding cards over e – invitations.
  2. f people use traditional method of invitation then the family who host the wedding goes to their relatives and family members places to invite them. In this way they can personally invite them by face to face meeting. And in another way we can say that this may be a way of their ‘Manohar’.
  3. In some families there is tradition of sending gifts and sweets to their relatives and families along with invitation cards. This is also one reason that why Indian families use traditional Indian wedding cards then e – invitations.
  4. The another reason may be this that there are still some villages in India where people are not connected through social media as there is no source of internet and due to this there is no medium for them to get e – invitations and that again leads to traditional cards system.

There may be more reasons that why Indians still preferred tradition card system for invitations over e – invitations. But if we think on financial scenario’s then if Indians start using e – invitations then they can save a large amount of money that are spend on invitations cards. Also the other expenses spent during distribution of invitation cards will also be saved. If Indians go step by step to shift their invitations from traditional card system to e – invitations then they may follow these steps like they must print only that much cards that are necessary like for those who are not tech updated and for god offering. In this way they can save a lot of time and money.

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